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Golden Years Home Transitions Compassionate Seniors Relocation

Golden Years Home Transitions - Assisting elderly people move into their new homes - Compassionate relocation of seniors

We Take Care of the Process for You

Golden Years Home Transitions

Golden Years Home Transitions is a business which is completely focused on providing transition services to assist the elderly in their Golden Years.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that the agreed outcomes for the transition from your old home to your new home are realised.

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Property Valuations

Property ValuationWe understand it is a stressful time to make the decision to enter a retirement village or alternative care based accommodation. Our business is about making the transition as easy and quickly as possible.

Sale of Property

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We understand that getting the right price from the sale of your current home is important to you.

That’s why, before we do anything, we obtain an independent registered valuation of your property from a national valuation firm of your choice.

Assistance with Moving

Moving IconWe can assist you with moving by managing the removalists for you; managing the disconnection and reconnection of utilities; and manage the sale or distribution of unwanted furnishings.

Pay Nothing Now!

We want to make transitioning to your new home as easy and as economical as possible for you.


That’s why when you sign up for our services, you can elect to pay nothing now and all of our fees and charges can be debited from the proceeds from the sale of your home.


Additionally, we have negotiated delayed payment terms from most of our augmented service providers to also have their fees and charges debited from the proceeds from the sale of your home.

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