Seniors Relocation Services

We understand it is a stressful and tiring time to move into a Retirement Village or Nursing Home. Our services are about making the transition as easy and as smooth as possible.

As a first step, we provide a no charge consult in your home or at our office, so that you can then make an informed decision on the support services that are right for you.

Our Services

  1. Assistance and Reassurance. We know, understand and have worked in the aged care industry
  2. Downsizing advice. We can visit your home and provide tips and advice on how to manage the downsizing process. It’s sometimes very hard to visualise which of your furnishings can be taken with you, and what to do with the excess. We can just provide advice, or we can manage the whole process, with your family input along the way, if desired by you.
  3. Preparing your home for sale. We can help with de-clutter, organise temporary storage, rubbish removal, minor repairs or a garden tidy up, and provide presentation advice
  4. Maximising the best price for your home. We use an independent bank accredited valuation of your home. Your property is valued by a Registered Valuation firm of your choosing. We research and share with you recent similar property sales in your area, We research and qualify the best real estate agent for your style of home in your suburb. Golden Years will then enter into a conjunction agreement with the identified and chosen best local agent. ‘Golden Years [1]’ manage and liaise with the conjunction local Real Estate Agent chosen by you.
  5. Worry free pack up, move and unpack. We can do all of this to ease the burden on you and your family. We assist you with moving to your new home
  6. Easy move out day. Our expert and professional team can clean your old home so you don’t have to worry
  7. Disconnection of utilities, redirection of mail, re-homing of pets, even down to cancelling the newspapers. We can help.
  8. Keeping you informed. We will keep everyone you want informed of progress, each step of the way. This way you have one central contact point and we can manage all communications, rather than you having to deal with perhaps 5 or 6 different service providers.
  9. Golden Years can provide assistance in South East Queensland and the Fraser Coast. We may be able to help in other areas as well, so call us to find out more.

    Care Solutions

    Golden Years partner with Heather Hill Pathways, a specialised care solutions provider. They can help you to make informed decisions from immediate care needs to long term planning and Residential Care placement. Further information is available at



Which of our services you choose, is up to you. We want to make the move to your new home as easy and as economical as possible for you.


Our fees

We believe in transparency of our fees and will happily discuss with you. We also understand that competitive pricing is important so we will quote for each service chosen by you. We also share the normal real estate agents commission with the conjunction agent, so this costs you no more than if you went direct to a non-specialised real estate agent. We do ask that you pay the valuation fee (~$500) direct to the Valuer, and we will refund this to you when your property settles using our real estate service.

[1] Golden Years Services Pty Ltd t/a Golden Years Real Estate – Is a licensed Real Estate Corporation owned and operated by Cameron Alexander Early as Licencee. We hold a Real Estate Licence as we have to by law.


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