Downsizing tips

The sheer thought of downsizing from the large family home furnishings to a small villa unit or Nursing Home room, can be daunting and encourage procrastination. Think of it as a great opportunity for ‘cleansing.’ Here’s some top tips:
* Choose one room to start with as a trial,
* Choose a room with likely less sentimental value to you eg garage, laundry, kitchen,
* List the items that have a high personal value or that you simply can’t live without,
* Challenge yourself – how long is it since you last used the remaining items,
* Visualise your new home and the equivalent room – how big is it (or small) What will fit and/or be needed in your new home?
* Do you see yourself using this item in the first 6 months in your new home?
* Is there a family member who will gain great joy or use from this item?
* Is the item valuable and could be sent to an auction house for cash?
* Would a donation of the item to charity help someone less fortunate?
Oprah’s Wardrobe tips
You may find the Oprah Winfrey wardrobe challenge helpful. She suggests hanging all your clothes with the hangar in the opposite direction to normal. As you wear and return an outfit to your wardrobe, place this hangar in the normal direction. After about 6 months, you can check all the clothes that you haven’t worn in 6 months, and then consider those items which you may be able to donate to someone in need.

Selecting an effective Real Estate Agent

Selecting the right agent to sell your likely most valuable asset is very important. Think of the selection process like a job interview, and ask lots of questions and ask for proof. Here’s our top tips:
* How many clients are they personally managing? Will they have time to focus on your property?
* Will they personally manage the sale, or delegate to another agent?
* Do they seem to genuinely understand your needs and expectations?
* Is your property “just another listing,” or do they seem interested, engaged and confident?
* How do they qualify buyers before arranging an inspection?
* Ask for the facts (and proof)- success in your area, success with your price bracket etc
* Ask yourself, is there good rapport, do they instil a high degree of trust and integrity, do they seem professional and dedicated, do they have a great reputation?

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